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Think late-ish feudal/medieval fantasy. Not high fantasy, a little more gritty and low key. Magic and fae creatures are known in the world, although apart from some magic they are not common in daily life.

World Lore

Country; Waughen, one of 3 countries on a large island/continent (pronounced Vaughen…) Emperor Fredrick, holds court at the capital, St Waughen Common language is Sax, spoken with a number of local dialects

The church has a number of Gods/Goddess in the pantheon. Often separate shrines exist in one religious location, or as small shrines to individual gods. The Father of the Gods, Athatol rules over a small number of Goddess and a God. The world has 3 moons & 3 Moon Goddess’s that are important to everyone’s lives. (Scarlla ~birth, Veein ~life, Leanda ~death) People usually know under which moon they were born, and the astrology of the moons has real influence. The daemon Xaviel works evil across the lands and is feared in the dark nights when there are no moons.

Spoken Folk Charms can be learnt in every village from a cunning man or at town guilds. Divine Prayer (magic) is less common, although available through church and religious orders. Tattoo like runes bind the power of the gods to man. The magic of the gods occasionally falls to earth forming shards of crystal, that are said to be powerful.

Local Lore

The country is split in to a number of shires, each with a Sheriff as Lord & Judge. While social status and money are important, a Sheriff can appoint a ‘weapon’ Master from any walk of life, if they can prove their skill and worth. Typically a Sheriff will have a number of Sword or Spear Masters leading the defence of their shire. Weapon Masters are highly respected, powerful and sometimes feared. Sergeants run the local defence of towns and villages, with a force of militia and foresters. Scribes hold administrative power for the Sheriff, and they often advise the Sheriff on a course of action. Scribes have numerous ranks, starting with the accountant & scribbler, up to major political figures.

Waughen is reasonably lawful, taxes are paid and citizens expect to live a reasonable life. War between the 3 countries does happen, although not every summer, and there hasn’t been a major war for more than 10 years.

10 brass/copper pennies (b) = 1 silver penny (p)

5 silver pennies = silver farthing (f)

25 silver pennies (or 5f) = 1 gold crown (c.)

small brass and copper pennies are used for ‘bread and beer’ living expenses silver pennies & farthings are the normal currency for any trade, job or substantial purchase gold coins are rare in day to day

Faerie Lore

Fae creatures are occasionally spoken of, although they are not commonly seen near towns and population. The most common are dog faced, diminutive humanoid creatures encountered in the wilds and moors (even to lone travelers, they rarely present little real threat), while they have many names the most commonly used is; K’balt after the echoey yapping bark they have. There are many commonly told stories of fantastical monsters or Faerie people’s, few ordinary folk have seen them though or know if they are real.


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