First Session

Starting in the Wild Moor Inn at the edge of the Annish forest south of St Waughen

Tried to get in to library at the university, failed to get past the guards.

Met Valerian, introduced to each other and outlined initial journey.

First light, met at the dock to board the XXX TBC ship with 2 barges in tow. 3 paid passengers and 1 rowing for his passage.

Off to sea, calm spring day, mist banks on horizon, followed coast line for whole day mostly under sail. Set anchor for the night.

2nd day at sea, quiet sailing and a little backbreaking rowing…

3rd day, quiet morning, some wreckage spotted during afternoon. As ship approached, a large silver object was spotted in the water. A huge sea serpent attached itself to the middle of the barges. Lots of arrows fired from the ships in to the water, and some spear jabbing saw the serpent off. Although some damage was done to the barge, and repairs were required. In the water, a piece of wooden ship paneling was recovered, with the word Eagle still visible painted on it.

Further along the coast, in to the estuary of the Vaugh, and on to Crudley. As dusk fell, the ship moved in towards the Red Stag Inn. A small fire was spotted on a hillside overlooking the Inn.

As the ship prepared to dock, fire was spotted behind the building.


Fire Creature

Up the hill

The Inn

The PTG contact Redwine – map and PTG

Drinks all round

Early morning up the hill




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