Holien's report 2nd Oct

So we gets down into the land of the fairy and I am sat under the lake I have just come through. A very odd sensation and there don’t look to be an easy way back home. I quickly gather my thoughts and roll out of the way as the others as sure to follow and land where I am now sat…..

Thud the next of the group arrives and I drag him clear before anyone else lands on his head and this is repeated until we are all there. Not sure where to head and after some wandering we see a potential settlement some distance off. We approach carefully making sure we are hidden in the tall grasses. As we get closer we see slight plumes of smoke as if the place has been burnt and the roof line shows that the buildings have been badly treated.

So I leave the group hidden some distance off and slowly make my way to see what I can see. I discover some fey talking in one of the ruined buildings and they seem a tad distraught. We decided to let them go to sleep and will approach the building at night to over power them inside and to try and find out if they be friend or foe to the emperor.

It is decided that the two fighters will approach the front door and hide either side of the doorway while me and the two canaries will approach from the rear and wait for an opportunity to over power those inside. Well Aeric has obviously hit his head too hard when entering these fey lands and makes too much noise alerting the Fey we stalk. They wake up and come out looking for what made the noise. Brutin attempted overpower the chap but failed and Aeric fell to the floor tripping over his own feet (well that was the sound it seemed to make). I stayed hid with the two Nancy’s and waited to see what would happen. Eventually after some time we heard speaking in strange tongues and Brutin talking.

Soon we were approached to come out of our position and I jumped over the wall while Calladin went through the door way and set off some alarm that made him fall down. We get to talk to the Fey and they say they know Hailheart and can help us if we help them rescue one of there own who has been taken by those who have burnt down their homestead. After some thought we agree to track these rogues and in the morning I easily pick up their trail.

This trail leads us eventually to an old run down fort atop a hill surrounded in part by trees and bordered on one side by a river. While assessing the situation Nancy boy Calladin wanders upto the fort to see what is up there. In plain view of the entrance tower he gets hit hard by an arrow that seriously wounds him and he has to be dragged back down the hill. This has now alerted those who we have followed and makes our job so much harder. It is getting dark and our eyesight is going to fail us while that of our enemy is going to be better as they are creatures of the night.

We decide to find a place some distance away where we can hide in the tall grass and keep silent so we can explore more the following day when the enemy sleep. The night passes quietly but we do hear noises of K’balt in the distance howling and doing their evil deeds. We hope that the young boy we seek is still alive.

The following day we approach the tower from the cover of the woods and the plan is for the main group to get into the main tower as quickly as possible while I provide covering fire from the top of the tower with my bow. I make the climb up easily and there is no enemy on the top. I see a likely hiding place for those that shot Calladin and I hope they ignore that and sneak into the tower I am stood on. They don’t do that and instead go anywhere but directly to the tower and I see them draw swords and enter the place where our enemy must lie. After some time they finally come out back into the day light and I can see smears of blood on them.

I listen and hear the sounds of battle coming from within the tower I am standing atop so now is the time to sneak in and see if I can find the boy and rescue him. The trapdoor is old and closed against me so I smash it and realise that there is enemy below waiting for me to drop down. I quickly climb down to one of the windows I passed below the floor the enemy are in so I can come from behind them. However as I enter the room the door is flung open and some creature comes shrieking at me and I hack it down in two delft blows leaving the bloody body twitching on the floor near me.

This does not go un-noticed and some evil looking fey with a pointy stick makes a massive bang and smoke and smells fill the room. I am hit by something coming from the stick and it knocks me back. I advance on the fey and strike at him, hitting him hard, but he is too strong and quick for me and strikes me with his tattooed hand. This blow connects and again I am sent flying back in shock as the fey moves out of sight. Surely I have cut his arm to the bone.

I chase after him and he draws a sword and his skill surpasses mine as he lands blow after blow on my weakened body. I am driven back and shout out in fear for my friends who I hope are not far below and can hear my pain. I am now back in the room and waiting for he final blow to take my life, I muster the last of my strength for one last flurry of blows and finally my long sword connects and gouts of blood leap from the wounded fey and he drops to the ground. This just as the others climb the stairs. I collapse and urge them to climb the stairs to find the boy as he is not in the room I entered and must be on the floor above.

I hear some further sword play and soon it is quiet and they return down the stairs saying there is no boy above us. We gather our strength but my left arm is broken and if there are more enemy we will surely lose. The room beneath me is the scene to more violence and blood splatters the walls. Calladin is laying gravely wounded and he slow follows us down the stairs to the basement.

There we find yet more foe but these are weak and are soon driven to meet their maker. In a dungeon the young lad is found and we make our way from the keep leaving our blood and sweat soaking into the foul floors of the wretched place.



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