Second Session

Second session starting on the hill side, with some footprints to follow from the remains of a large bonfire, with footprints ‘dancing’ round it

Encounter fellow in woods, knocked on head by something in the night

Standing stones, mushrooms, frosty woodland area, scree slopes and lots of tracking

Over the ridge line, onto a open hill top, very misty, walk walk around edge of inner ridge, 2 standing stones and 1 knocked over stone, stream running in to a sink hole.

Examine, climb down the sink hole, find freshly cut log over well like cave dropping straight down, walk over the log bridge, hear voices, climb back up rocky tunnel to see bright sunlight shining through a waterfall.

Heads through the waterfall, chime of (church) bell and into bright glaring sunlight 1/2 way up a cliff with a waterfall crashing over the top. Climb through and down the cliff side to the base of a long ridge line. Wood land stretching away on the lower side of the cliff, a thin plume of smoke can be seen rising in the distance.

Following the footprints, along the base of the cliff a short distance and then climb up the cliff. At the top more woodland heading away from the ridge line.

Reach another cliff over looking the ‘sea’, down on the beach are a number of netted stacks of crates and sacks, with a sole figure sitting near them.

Down on to the beach, sneak up on the figure, grab it, scuffle, some pain, Hobb caught and interrogated. It spoke no Sax, and little progress was made. It was dragged off the beach and back up to the cliff side, all signs of the struggle and passage removed from beach. The netted crates and sacks checked out; cheese wheel stolen, some black sticky stuff in barrels and lots of fish.

TBC?? Hobb killed executed somewhere??

Sat on cliff top watching sea, lovely warm afternoon, as sun sets 2 boats appear on horizon and move swiftly towards the beach (no sails, no rowing). A number of hobbs get of each boat, accompanied by a couple of larger people (and obviously leader). They dig a number of shallow holes and fill with something from a barrel, which they set light to and start roasting fish.

The group retire away from the cliff, on the footprint path and camp is made for the night. Shortly, a large crashing through undergrowth sounds are heard of to one side around dusk. Some skulking up to the cliff edge happens, to see what is happening.

A very tall man (twice the size of the ape man, and three times the hobbs)and an ape like man, are moving down the beach towards the hobbs where the larger men are shouting orders at the hobbs. The very tall man approaches the group, and a ‘discussion’ follows. A number of things are brought from the camp to the discussion, and then a few more things are brought over.

They then appear to move together to the camp and sit down, some drums strike up. Dark flames burn around the edge of the camp, and a few hobbs seem to dance around.

Back to the group, stay on the path until dawn, no sign of the lone hobb expected to arrives from the waterfall. At dawn, a reccy of the beach shows that the tall man and ape man are gone, and the hobbs are packing everything on to the boats, and they leave shortly after dawn with netting thrown up the side of the boats.

Back through the woods, down the cliff, to the base of the waterfall. Climb up to the cave entrance, one or two falls back to the deep water splash pool at the bottom, eventually everyone in to the tunnel. Dark, cold and damp compared to the warm summery morning beyond the waterfall.

Back through the tunnel, attempted to push the log in to the well, although only managed to wedge it. Heard voices again.

Climb back out of the sink hole, in to dreary misty evening. The area is searched, a number of footprints surround the fallen stone.

Camp made, watch set and very dark misty night.

Slithering sounds heard by Marcus, others woken. Marcus charged around the edge of the sink hole to engage with a huge serpent which was sliding out of the sink hole. Aeric dons his chainmail shirt, and Evander grabs his staff. Luckily avoiding falling in to the sink hole, the serpents is fought.

Fighting in the dark, near the sink hole with a giant serpent could have been a fairly lethal experience. A few good blows were landed on the massive snake, fangs snagged on armour or parried by blades or dodged effectively. No damage done to players, a Aeric landed a brutal slashing blow to the snake’s mid section, opening the body up with innards sliding out. The great serpent fell heavily to the ground, dead.

Guard’s reset, and the rest of the night past peacefully…



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