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    [[Game System]] [[Diary]] [[World Lore]] & [[Local Lore]] & [[Faerie Lore]] [[folk charms]] & [[Religion]] [[dice games]] [[Player maps]] and documents

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    p(. [[Waughen]] p(. [[Romalia]] p(. [[Languages]] p(. [[Politics]] p(. [[War]] p(. [[Orders and Guilds]] p(. [[PTG | Port Trade Guild]] p(. [[Moons]] p(. [[The Worlds]]

  • Local Lore

    Places; |[[Crudley]]|[[3 stone sink hole]]|-| |[[Crescent Lake]]|[[North Wixham]] coastal fishing village|-| |[[Vale of the Mists]]|[[Moonstone quarry]]|[[Sherfield on Vaugh]]| |[[Wingan Fort]]|[[Low Vale]]|[[West Vaughen]]|[[Shadow Bog]]| Inns; …

  • Game System

    "Combat tables":http://theshrapnells.co.uk/~darkfore/combat.pdf * [[Combat]] * [[Fumble]] * [[Armour]] * [[Times of Day]]

  • Religion

    p(. Lord [[Athatol]] p(. Mistress [[Kay elle]] p(. Lady [[Scarlla]] p(. Lady [[Veein]] p(. Lady [[Leanda]] p(. Lord [[Tawwn]] p(. Magus [[Xaviel]]

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