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  • Crudley

    [[local lore]] A stop over point on the river Vaugh for boats coming in from the sea, heading up to Sherfield on Vaugh. The estuary is wide, with moor land on the west bank and lower reedy wetland to the north/east. The [[Red Stag Inn]] is Crudley, …

  • St Waughen

    Capital of Waughen. Walled city with the Emperor's palace, University with library, various guild houses and a Cathedral. It is a Coastal city with a major port, 3 markets happen; at the port, at the west and south gates. The city was formally known …

  • Romalia

    Neighbouring country to the east of [[Waughen]] King of Romalia believed to covet lands in [[Waughen]]. Many skirmishes occur along border, both countries have fortified and used mercenary troops.

  • Annish

    Large and ancient forest. At the edge of the forest, to the north side is the [[Wild Moor Inn]]. The forest is used by the Emperor for hunting, and the main roads running south from [[St Waughen]] tend to avoid the dense woodland.

  • Crescent Lake

    The crescent lake is a large fresh water lake at the north end of an area of moorland north from the river Vaugh, across from [[Crudley]]. 3 shrines to each of the moon goddesses, the largest at the far end of the lake to [[Veein]] where the lake is …

  • Shadow Moor

    Moorland to the north of the river Vaugh. Low moorland, dominated by a rocky outcrop and coloured by many thick clumps of yellow and orange flowering trees that stay in flower all year around. A number of streams flow from the base of the rocky outcrop …

  • Moonstone Quarry

    A small open quarry on the north side of [[Shadow moor]]. An impact at this point embedded a number moon stones in to the soft moor and wetland lands. The quarry has been run on and off for years, with rich moonstone and the occasional rune stone being …

  • Arabird Marsh

    The coastal wetlands; small rivers, islands, lagoons, salt marsh and reed beds.

  • North Wixham

    Small with few houses on the low cliff side, leading down to a small beach/cove which provide home to some fishing boats. Large barn on the coastal edge can offer shelter to travelers providing very simple fare. Some of the villagers and farmers …

  • Shadow Bog

    Low lying wetland, north of [[shadow moor]]. Wetland merges with the main Vaugh river.

  • Shingal's sink

    In the valley beynod the ridge north of Low Vale, Shingal's Sink is a muddy brown lake. The lake is surrounded by reeds, and is fairly deep at the centre. The water is brown and soupy. There are a number of crossing plants growing on the bed of the …

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