Folk Charms

Each folk charm is learnt by the individual, and a personal saying or phrase is associated with the charm. When the charm is cast, the saying needs to be said out loud. Each player should write a saying for each charm, and say it with meaning when they want to cast the charm.

  • requires % cast
  • success costs MP
  • failure costs 0
  • fumble costs MP no gain
  • some requires MP vs MP

duration 10MR

first aid v Heals v points, can stop bleeding, only cast once until healed per location
hawk eye 1 3X vision
cover tracks 1 +20%
speed dart 1 1 missile, +10% & +1d3 damage
protect v +v AP
quickness 2 -1 DEX SR
curse pain 1 1d3
bull charge 1 +20% attack, no active parry or dodge, free body bash (M vs M = 4) on SR 10
glamour 2 influence app, and +20% on Orate/FT
detect magic 1
Charm 2 MP vs MP, to charm, influence and direct although not directly command

Folk Charms

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