valerian note

(written in SAX, available to anyone who can read it…)

I am ill, and believe I have been poisoned and am sure that I am dying, this may find you after I have gone.

I am sorry I have failed the Emperor and I am sorry to miss opportunities. It was written in the stars, I choose to ignore the omens

I suspect a man who called himself Stowe, black beard and dark dark eyes, the innkeep said knew him

He befriended me, we talked of court and of Waughen We ate together and drank rich dark mead

He is gone

Follow the Emperors wish for me, remember the story I told you and seek out the family Hailheart

Beware the squire Moulain

Protect the Emperor from the Snakes they are coming

Save him from darkness that is consuming me

an old fool, Valerian

valerian note

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