2 Actions per 10 SR turn

  • attack
  • parry (weapon or active shield)
  • dodge
  • cast spell

repeat action with same weapon in 1 turn – 30% penalty on action

Passive Shield Parry (free to shield bearers)

% to parry adds shield AP to key locations depending on size of shield

Shield Type AP Passive Coverage
Buckler (small) 5 Arm
Target (small) 5 Arm
Heater shield (med) 8 Arm & Chest
Round shield (med) 7 Arm & Chest
Kite shield (large) 10 Arm, Chest & Abdomen
Hoplite shield (large) 12 Arm, Chest, Abdomen & Leg

Max 30% for anyone who is not military trained


Military training provides 1 free dodge per round

L/B/R choice

  • if correct dodge %
  • if incorrect dodge x2%
  • 1M movement

dodge is modified by stealth modifier

dodge is modified by size – greater than 15 (-1 for each point over) or less than 6 (+1 for each point under)

if no armour or light leather only, +1/2 dex% to dodge


Roll 1d6 and consult special hit table; look at location hit, with which weapon type, and then find special damage multiplier or unique consequence.

Failed hit & special parry = riposte

= immediate free attack (cumulative -ves)

Failed hit & special dodge = overextend

= +10% or -10% in defenders favour


Bows can’t be kept strung for longer then an hour without starting to weaken. A bow can be strung in 1MR on dex*5%

Arrows break on impact…
|normal hit|impale|miss/lost|
|50% break|70% break|30% break if found|


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