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A summary of the notes Valerian made from the Chronicles of Waughen;

“The Emperor’s great great Grandfather (Waughen) was betrothed to marry a tall & beautiful fey Princess. The chronicles tell of great joy in Bruche, and eventually a wedding feast beyond imagination.

There story ends with a bitter twist, the festival and feast were disrupted when a tall ‘elfen’ stranger and 6 dark warriors, appeared at the feast and demanded the Princess’s hand in marriage, as was his tradition and by their family rights. The Princess Rosemay of the family Hailheart, cried out to him “Squire of Moulain, the tradition has been broken, when your greedy heart turned dark”.

A great fight followed, and as the Princess was running to Waughen’s side she was stabbed through the chest by one of Waughen’s own men. The man, was grabbed by the stranger and held by one of his warriors.

The stranger cursed Waughen & his family, thrusting a wooden stave in to the ground as he did. The curse, was said to bring a plague of snakes on to Waughen’s family and domain, in the fullness of time.

The seven strangers left the hall, and the feast. As the door slammed behind them, the stave twisted and writhed, falling to the ground transforming in to a living snake. The snake disappeared under tables, and in to the rushes lining the floor.

The Princess lived, although she only recovered consciousness to say her wedding vow, 3 days later she died and the Emperor’s court was thrown in to mourning.”

Valerian’s deathbed note

Player maps

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